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Celebrate Diwali In Healthy Way

Most awaiting festival is here! Diwali is a festival of lighting, sweets, crackers, and mouth-watering dishes. Sweets and dishes go around a lot during the festival season. No one can resist oneself to enjoy the sweets and other dishes and why to stop when we have options to celebrate Diwali in a nutritious way. So decide your diet in advance,let’s celebrate this Diwali with nutrition and health.

Plan your healthy Diwali diet

In your Diwali diet add fruits, juices, less oily dishes, soups, brown rice, dry fruits, milk products, and green vegetable. Prepare your thali with the combination of these things. Avoid spicy food. Take a balanced diet.

Sweets with Dry Fruits

If you have craving for sweets, you can prepare sweets at home by mixing lots of dry fruits and less sugar. It is healthy and can be consumed for many days after Diwali. Don’t buy sweets from the market, they may be unhealthy.

Healthy snacks for guests

Healthy snacks can be suitable to people of all the ages. For example, you can prepare snacks with fruits and nuts, healthy juices, biscuits of grains and oats, health supplements drinks, etc which will be perfect snacks for your guest and you too.

Strengthen the immunity system

According to theBest Dietitian in India,Seema Singh, packaged sweets and oily dishes during the Diwali festival leads to rapid calorie addition. Similarly, it is also responsible for heart disease, imbalance of blood sugar, hormonal problems, and other problems. Eating more sour-sweet things can cause many problems. So avoid eating unhealthy things. Drink warm water after every meal.

Stay away from sweets

Say no to packaged and market sweets. The silver coating on sweets is injurious to health as it contains harmful substances like lead, nickel, cadmium that can spoil health.

Diabetic patients need extra care

If you are a diabetic patient then keep proper distance from sweets. Otherwise, take only sugar free sweets. Nothing is more important than health, and if the health is good then the enthusiasm of the festival is different.

Balance your extra calories post Diwali

Keep meals lighter for 1-2 days. Consume fruits, salads,vegetables,soup & juices during these days to balance extra calories. Take yogurt & curd to keep your gut healthy.

Hope these tips will help you to maintain your health. Wish you a very happy and healthy Diwali!

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