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Choose your chips well

Dump those potato chips high in salt and saturated fat. Opt for healthy versions made with asparagus, garlic, sweet potato, beetroot or pumpkin.

Everyone likes to munch on chips every now and then to pamper the taste buds—and to beat the blues. “But the calorie count and fat content in these fried chips are two big negatives that take the fun out of this munch-fest, and add a lot of guilt,” says Seema Singh, chief clinical nutritionist and head of department, Fortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall Hospital, Delhi. For every 100g of fried chips, your calorie intake will be about 350 calories and 30g fat. While some baked munching options are available in the market, the high salt content and preservatives in them play spoilsport. “Which is where chips (freshly made at home) made with vegetables other than potatoes, come in handy, as they provide both the taste and the nutrients (and lower calories and fat content too),” says Singh. Try out these guilt-free alternatives to potato chips.

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