Nutritionist Seema Singh

Keep Yourself WARM in Winters with High Thermic Food

Now days we all are living in very busy life style.

Even in such scenario we don’t have time to eat Healthy and perform any exercise.

“Our nutritionally deficient, stress-dominated living and toxin-filled eating has abused our body systems, hormonal balances, and metabolisms.”

In winters, one should drink water like it is June. Cold weather muffles your body’s thirst signal, so it’s easy to become dehydrated.                     

During winter we should eat food which has high Thermic effect.

It boosts up our metabolism, and keeps us active and warm through out the day.

High protein food like poultry, fish, pork, ham etc and complex carbohydrates food like wholegrain products, Nuts, green and colored vegetables etc have high thermic effect.

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