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10 Healthy Resolutions for A Wonderful New Year

New Year for some people means enjoying the best they can while for some it has a rather substantial significance of learning from their past years mistakes and making new amends. New Year is just around the corner and people have already started thinking about what resolutions they are going to take on New Year’s Eve. Majority of health conscious people usually have a resolution saying that they want to get healthy next year, but they often don’t really think much about what exactly they are going to do to make this resolution into a success. It would be rather helpful to first decide what you are going to do or what ‘getting healthy’ really means to you. Hence, it is always a better option to take a well descriptive or such resolution that can create a meaning and encourage you to follow it through. Here are some healthy New Year resolutions for you to follow:

1)  ‘Go Green’, at least once a week

Try a green seasonal veggie based recipe at least once a week as seasonal greens are comparatively more nutritious, better tasting, and cost effective and with reduced carbon footprint.

2)  Treat your stomach with some real deal:

Skip all sorts of protein drinks and other supplementary products and treat your body with some whole food including nuts, vegetables, fruits, seeds, fish and whole grains which contain an abundance of nutrients that the body needs to function at an optimal level.

3)  ‘Sweets’ are Sour? :

While you are busy enjoying the taste of sweets, your body is facing an increase in risk of obesity, heart disease, fatty liver, cavities, and insulin resistance. Therefore, take a resolution to cut back on eating sweets. (Occasionally enjoying them is not a big deal but regular consumption of sweetened beverages can be harmful to your health.

4)  Better than Yesterday:

It is never a good technique or way to just give up on how you used to behave and eat all just in one go, so just keep improving little by little and just try to do what you did last year.

5)  Homemade is Best:

Homemade food comes with an assurance that you will have comparatively healthy and fresh food even when it comes to fast foods such as burgers, pasta, etc. Therefore, Try to replace outdoor food with one made at home.

6)  Colors are the smiles of nature: And so of your body. Eating colorful meals which include fruits and vegetables give more nutrition to your body and improve your health.


7)  Not a Chronic but Nourishing Diet:

Various researches show that the people who do a restrictive diet to lose weight usually gain back two-third of the total weight lost within one year. Therefore, Instead of making a plan to go along with yet another restrictive diet, create a sustainable and nourishing meal plan that works for you.

8)  Be Positive:

This year make a resolution to regularly engage in positive self-talk and reduce negative talk. This will not only help you to improve your relationship with your body but will also encourage other people to do the same. Therefore, Take More ‘Me Time’ and Practice Self-Care.

9)  Get Quality Sleep:

Sleep is a very important part of one’s routine, if not maintained regularly and properly, it may increase your risk of weight gain, heart diseases and depression.

10)  Try Meditation:

Practicing meditation can help you manage stress and high blood pressure, get quality sleep, feel more balanced and connected, and even lower your risk of heart disease.

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