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Anti obesity Day-26th Nov- “Say No To Obesity”

Weight gain is not taken seriously in India until it becomes a serious problem and attracts some health problem like diabetes, Joint’s pain, hypertension or fatty liver.

Now a days people are getting thyroid problems because of obesity which is opposite to the previous scenario where people used to gain weight because of thyroid problems.obesity is one of main reason of infertility The World Health Organization formally recognized obesity as a global epidemic. Obesity rates are rising most dramatically in urban settings.If we talk about India , according to a study. by 2025, India will have over 17 million obese children and stand second among 184 countries where the numbers of obese children are concerned, according to a study.

Isn’t it alarming Condition?

Shouldn’t we take control now?

But how we will take care of our child’s health if we are not cautious about our weight itself!!!

The biggest Problem is even if anyone realizes the Weight Problem, he or she will not go to the qualified dietician or nutritionist instead they will apply DR. GOOGLE’s Gyaan or Padosi’s Diet or Gym instructor’s Diet.

Let’s say No to Obesity Today & Pledge to get Fitter.

World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines classify a BMI of 25 as overweight; the Asian cut-off point is 23. A BMI of 30 and above is universally considered obese.

Why do we gain weight?

Inactive lifestyle is the main reason of the weight gain.

Other bigger culprit is unhealthy Diet , ready to eat food due to our busy schedules.

The overall intake of simple carbohydrates is huge. The widespread availability of fast food is also a problem,”

We have our metabolism sluggish Due to lack of exercise along with the poor diet, which is main reason for weight gain.

Ways to lose weight

Do not Skip meals. Have 3 Major meals with 2 mini meals
By eating right food at the regular hours of interval and doing at least 30-45 minutes of cardio , you can boost your metabolism.
Increase the amount of fruits & vegetables.
Introduce dry fruits as healthy mini meals.
Remember balancing the calories is the key. If your favorite food is rich in calories like sweets then eat very small portion to satisfy your taste buds.
Try to Change eating habits but also remember “it’s not one day job”.
Reduce TV time and screen time and that time in physical activity.
Avoid eating while watching TV to control over eating.
Give yourself realistic time bound goal.

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