Nutritionist Seema Singh


Saroj Singh

I am so happy to meet Seema Singh, the way she guides me no one else has ever done this before. I am so thankful to her.

Joshika Sharma

Working with Dr. Seema gives me a lot of confidence I feel I heard & taken care of a realistic diet, she guarantees results hence I am back again with good health & look forward to working in my healthy way with her.

Shabnam Yasmin Choudhury

I underwent Bariatric surgery in 2018 the surgery helped me shed the extra kilos quite fast however as time passes by I realized it is the Diet mostly along with the exercise directed by any dietician which helps. I am very thankful to Dr. Seema Singh for her constant support in understanding my problem and guiding me to reach the goal as soon as possible .this was my 3 consultation and there is much I want to learn from her but I believed in the process she is guiding me through.

Darmen from mizoram

The patient was completely ok after one year by following Dr. Seema Singh prescription “Dr. Seema Singh is a Wonderfull Nutritionist we are grateful to her.”


I am a kidney Transplant Patient After meeting with Seema Singh chief clinical nutritional I have control of my urea. normal range.<br/>Patient message: if you are facing any problem regarding urea etc. you should discuss it with Seema Singh.


I came to Dr. Seema Singh as hypertension of PCOS patient with “LIFESTYLE CHANGE” written in bold as my diagnosis. Dr. Seema Singh with her ever-inspiring smile, helped me find a way to turn my diet around without having to frown. although I was a pretty disobedient patient I’ve been taking this consultation as a challenge of hope to see mind-blowing results. Thank you doctor for your insightful words, the patience of guidance.

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